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Futsal improves player soccer skills better than walled soccer for both offensive and defensive skills training.

Surrey Football Club will be offering a Futsal Program to its U7-U12 players to help improve their technical skills. Futsal develops skill, control, and technique which will promote Better Skills Development


Speed, Agility Quickness : Exercises designed to develop explosive speed and acceleration.  

Soccer Agility is the ability to change direction without the loss of balance, strength, or speed.  Agility and coordination can be taught to players and will help improve body alignment, reduce injuries, and train muscles to fire and activate to preform the activities desired.   


Pegasus Player Academy Integral to our teaching process is the coach's ability to capture players playing smart soccer.  

We give players the confidence to find their own solutions while playing the game. We stress "possession soccer" and we encourage players to think about what they do with and without the ball. Coaches give players options and instruct them in priorities of play so that they gain an understanding of the fundamental principals of the game.